About Hand Media International

Hand Media International is an award winning, visionary media company founded in 1990, driving transformation in various B2B sectors like Security, Fire, Confectionery, Bakery, International Trade, House Building, and B2C sectors such as Country Music. We pride ourselves on being independently owned and committed to uncompromised excellence. Our expansion through international acquisitions showcases our dedication to innovation and quality.


We create and distribute seven impactful publications, inspiring change and pushing media boundaries with our holistic content production approach. Alongside print and digital platforms, we host diverse in-person and virtual events, fostering networking, knowledge exchange, and industry advancement.

What sets us apart are our curated databases, supporting insightful analysis and targeted communication strategies, positioning us as market leaders. Our diverse team of dynamic and innovative individuals fuels our success and constant evolution.


The Leadership Team

Hand Media International’s leadership is a diverse, talented, and growth-focused team. Each member, comes from different backgrounds, adds unique perspectives which enrich our group and fuel innovation. This diversity helps us navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the industries that we serve. Our leaders are experts in their respective fields, ranging from media production, sales, marketing, content creation, technology, and business strategy. This blend of talent keeps us at the forefront of the media landscape. The team’s philosophy centers on continuous improvement. They not only seek personal growth, but also nurture the professional development of our workforce. This approach keeps us updated with media trends and technologies. Ethical conduct and a shared mission are key to our leaders’ decision-making process. They not only uphold, but also inspire others to embrace the company’s values, fostering a positive and innovative company culture.

David Rossiter



A pragmatic and results-oriented principal who combines vision, passion, and strategic acumen. His dynamic approach fosters innovation, drives growth, and cultivates a positive company culture. He consistently inspires confidence, delivering superb results that continue to grow Hand Media year on year. His leadership is pivotal to our success.
Jon Pittock

A visionary leader who harmonises all departments, fostering a collaborative culture and utilising diverse talents. He inspires innovation and adaptability, empowering the team to seize opportunities and surpass goals, paving the way for sustainable organisational success.
Charlotte Prett

As Financial Director, she holds a crucial position responsible for propelling the company's financial success and fostering its growth. Bringing a blend of financial expertise, leadership, and industry insight to the company.
Rebecca Spayne

As the Managing Editor, she oversees a diverse portfolio that includes print, digital, virtual events, podcasts, and video content spanning various industries, from Security and Fire to Confectionery, Bakery, Logistics, Property, and Country Music.
Rochelle Mills

As the Digital & Design Manager, she ensures we are well-equipped to forge ahead in the digital age, captivating readers with cutting-edge websites, graphic design materials, and animations that bring stories to life.
Chris Lingham

Chris skillfully oversees the fire, trade, house-building, and country music portfolios. With a profound knowledge of sales and an innate talent for building strong relationships. Chris is recognised for his exceptional sales expertise.

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