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With thoughtful and in depth features, the latest news, innovative product spotlights and much more, Security Buyer magazine covers all angles of the security sector. Certain aspects include:

  • The leading international security industry publication
  • Over 25 years of continuous publishing
  • Ten issues per year
  • 61,000 international circulation
  • High-quality production
  • Leading editorial and news coverage
  • Distribution at international trade shows and conferences
  • Also available in digital format
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About Security Buyer

With over 29 years experience, relationships and pure industry know-how, Hand Media’s professional team are able to guide you to the best possible media and marketing solutions for your business.

Our media platforms include Security Buyer, the international business market leader. The magazine is sent to 61,000 subscribers, who either manage a security budget or influence one. As the security industry’s leading international media platform the information provided can influence key buying decisions. is the industry’s leading international media platform. We currently average 40,000 unique visitors per month to the site.

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Capturing the latest news from all around the world, we bring you the key breaking stories and hard hitting reports, with up to date events and videos.   

  • Over 84,000 unique visitors per month
  • Powerful search tools
  • Unique visitor growth
  • Live video content
  • Powerful and regular newsletter
  • Creative solutions
  • Digital version available to read online
  • Over 45,000 opted in users


"Security Buyer is a professional security media platform that gathers the industry information and updates, and provides unique insights of the evolving security industry. We are benefiting from its strong marketing power, as well as the well-connected professional services. Security Buyers is one of the most effective media platforms in the marketplace. "
Tony Yang
International Marketing Director Hik vision
"We’ve had a lot of success with Security Buyer. Their re-design and investment in the web portal has been paying off and Security Buyer has become a part of our international marketing strategy. We look to create long-term marketing partnerships with key publications and we count Security Buyer as one of those valued partners."
Paul Bodell
VP Business Development Iqin vision
"Security Buyer - both the print magazine as well as the website - has been an excellent resource to reach our target group within the security market. We are very satisfied with the service we get from the magazine and with their creative ideas. And most importantly, we are happy with the impact that our advertising in Security Buyer creates."
Anke Wübbelmann
Head of Market Communications Basler Vision Technologies