HMI Celebrates International Women’s Day


In honour of International Women’s Day 2024, Hand Media International is proud to spotlight the significant contributions of our Managing Editor, Rebecca Spayne, who partook in two influential events, underscoring her, and our, commitment to championing women’s empowerment, diversity, and inclusion.

Finding Your Voice: The Journey to Self-Expression and Trusting Your Gut

In honour of International Women’s Day Rebecca was invited to take part in a panel for the “Finding Your Voice: The Journey to Self-Expression and Trusting Your Gut” discussion. This event, essential for women in the supply chain sector and other B2B male-dominated areas, aimed to embolden participants to elevate their careers and become assertive leaders. Rebecca shared the stage with notable figures like Harshida Acharya, Katie Date, Beth Morgan, HG O’Connell, and Kate Magill, providing invaluable insights derived from her extensive experience in media.

Attendees were treated to inspiring success stories, practical advice for overcoming barriers like imposter syndrome, and strategies for thriving in male-dominated environments. The event also facilitated networking, enabling attendees to forge connections with peers and mentors alike.

To watch the panel on demand, click here.

International Professional Security Association International Women’s Day Event

Later, Rebecca attended the International Professional Security Association’s event in London, hosted at the Meta building in Euston, London. This gathering, centered on inclusion, belonging, and diversity, offered a stage for women to share their narratives and aspirations. Esteemed speakers, including Deborah Mills-Burns, Gemma Quirke, Amy Tarling, Dawn Dines, Delicia Fenech-Soler, Heather Baily, Laura Njoku, Nicci Cooper, Tehsheena Shams and Julie Nel, were featured alongside vibrant cultural presentations by Bhangra dancers, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

A United Front for Progress

Hand Media International is immensely proud of Rebecca Spayne’s involvement in these events, as well as the dedication of all the fantastic and powerful women in our company. these endeavours emphasise our ethos of fostering an inclusive and diverse professional landscape.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all women forging paths in their respective fields. Together, we are paving the way toward a more inclusive and equitable future for all industries.

Happy International Women’s Day – Here’s to forging the future, together.


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