Maverick Magazine goes digital – and free!


Hand Media International is excited to announce that our country music brand, Maverick magazine, will now be available digitally for free. This new bold step into a digital future enables subscribers from all corners of the world to access the latest interviews, features and reviews at the click of a button.

This new venture allows Maverick to broaden its reach across the entirety of the industry in a sustainable and inclusive way. Readers will be able to sign up to gain access as soon as each issue is available through our Maverick website (

We are now transitioning into a digital world, where content is crossing boundaries into a more multimedia focus, creating more engaging and tangible content. Our digital issues will begin to include video and audio content, and interactive articles brought to you by your favourite musicians, that will further our readers’ engagement in our content.

For our readers who cherish our printed issues, don’t worry, you can still continue your printed subscription as normal and will be able to continue to do so.

Jon Pittock, Publisher of Hand Media International, commented on the new venture: “Taking this step into a more digital future enables us to attract a wider demographic of readers who may not be able to access our printed issues. It demonstrates our commitment to being an international publication, which helps contribute to the globalisation of country music”

For further information or to sign up to get your free copy now, see here: Sign-up form –

About Hand Media International

Hand Media International is an award winning, visionary media company founded in 1990, driving transformation in various B2B sectors like Security, Fire, Confectionery, Bakery, International Trade, House Building, and B2C sectors such as Country Music. We pride ourselves on being independently owned and committed to uncompromised excellence. Our expansion through international acquisitions showcases our dedication to innovation and quality.

We create and distribute seven impactful publications, inspiring change and pushing media boundaries with our holistic content production approach. Alongside print and digital platforms, we host diverse in-person and virtual events, fostering networking, knowledge exchange, and industry advancement.

What sets us apart are our curated databases, supporting insightful analysis and targeted communication strategies, positioning us as market leaders. Our diverse team of dynamic and innovative individuals fuels our success and constant evolution.

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