Recognising Global Exhibitions Day 2020


Recognising Global Exhibitions Day 2020

This was held during the first week of June and celebrated the return in some countries of the event dynamic that helps shape our global economies and future international trade.

Hand Media International was pleased to recognise this important day and supports the initiatives to re-build and re-energise this key area of our global economy.

How we meet our business partners, peers and industry colleagues, has changed for now, however, this will change and is changing. As the premier global media partner to all key industry events within our chosen markets, we applaud the event partners that we work and collaborate with so closely.

The international events community came together on this occasion and we appreciate that our close friends and carefully selected partners are working harder than ever to provide us all with access to new and innovative business solutions and new contacts. We know how hard this must be to create within a safe environment and we appreciate the efforts our event partners are going to too achieve this.

We will continue to support the industry and our long established, 35 year market leading portfolio will help drive our clients business forward in partnership with our event colleagues.

We remain excited and ready to engage with you as we always have done throughout our 35 year world market leading presence.

The Hand Media International team looks forward to meeting our clients and event partners in person in the very near future.

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