The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Hand Media International is proud to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and would like to congratulate the Queen for being the figurehead of England for an outstanding 70 years, for the first time in British history.

Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952 at the young age of 25. For 70 years she has represented England as a national icon. During her reign, the Queen has led our nation through many hardships and has maintained stability and predictability throughout her reign.

Recently, when the Covid-19 pandemic impacted everyone’s lives, the Queen’s speech to the country sparked hope in a time of great uncertainty. Her calm presence and reassurance are only a few of the factors that have made her such a remarkable monarch and leader of England. It is thanks to the Queens’ ruling that Britain has maintained its strong and patriotic reputation throughout history.

HMI has been a market leader for 35 years and has first-hand experienced the beneficial change that the country has gone through during this time, and that is only half of her Majesty’s reign.

The company values this occasion as an achievement for our nation as the first British monarch to rule for 70 years. Queen Elizabeth II is an emblem of British pride emulating the values of Democracy, Liberty, Respect and Tolerance. Values that Hand Media International brings to the forefront of our business.

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